Slim yet more
powerful than ever!

Gallium Nitride (GaN) the future
of compact and powerful charging

Significantly Smaller

than Standard Laptop Charger

  Elixage 45W Charger
  Elixage 45W Charger
80 x 59.5 x 20.5 mm
  Standard Laptop Charger
  Standard Laptop Charger
67 x 67 x 34 mm

45W Power Delivery GaN USB-C Wall Charger

  • Ultra slim design takes minimum space when plugged into outlet making it perfect for narrow space outlets
  • Certified by USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) and meets strict quality testing
    to ensure all USB-C devices are charged safely at their fastest possible speeds
  • Low profile design delivers 45 watts of power – enough to charge your MacBook
  • Optimum charging experience – power, speed and mobility at the same time
  • Higher efficiency and improved safety – waste less power and emit less heat
  • Significantly smaller than other 45W chargers
  • Foldaway prongs for maximum portability

What is GaN?

GaN technology enables a new class of power adapters that pack faster charging with half the size and weight for unparalleled mobility.

GaN technology is a new way to charge your life allowing up to 3x faster-charging on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and much more. Less downtime with more uptime.

3x faster-charging
Less down time
Smaller size
One for all
Cooler temperature